PJC Silo Top Dust Collector

PJC (Pulse Jet Cartridge) Silo Top Dust Collector:

  • Pulse jet type collector with a 99.99 percent cleaning efficiency.
  • One compartment with top entry cartridges
  • 3/4″ ASCO solenoid valves and an in-line filter and regulator
  • Hinged top entry for easy access to system.
  • Solid State time controlled reverse air pulse cleaning system.
  • Adjustable control panel for duration and cycle times.
  • Pre-wired and tested at the factory prior to shipment
  • Mounting Flange.
  • Requires 90 – 110 PSI of clean dry air.
  • All equipment is treated with a zinc primer and painted with polyester polyurethane paint.


Pressure Switch for Silo Top Dust Collectors:

  • PJC type silo top filters will come on automatically based on a pre-set pressure.

Minihelic Gauge for Silo Top Dust Collectors:

  • Allows visual inspection of PJC filter media based on a pressure difference between the clean and dirty side of the filter media.