$298,850 (USD)

2021 Zimmerman / International Z-Class Volumetric Concrete Mixer Truck

SouthEast USA

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2021 Zimmerman-International Z-Class Volumetric Concrete Mixer Truck:

Zim-Mixer® Z Class, with 9 cu. yd. capacity producing 60 cu. yds. per hour in accordance with

ASTM C685 & meeting VMMB standards


354 cu. ft. divided aggregate bin with (2) sand bin air cushioned vibrators and patented dual chain material feed system (3 year or 12,000 cu. yd. warranty on material feed chains) (stone chain and sand bin), electric recoil tarp, bin liner, 96 cu. ft. cement bin with power agitator & (3) air cushioned vibrators and patented chain feed system (self-cleaning), flowable fill package (includes variable speed cement, tachometer and (2) stone bin air cushioned vibrators), 400 gallon polyethylene water tank with ground level water fill, water pump, digital water flow meter, water solenoid valve, VR meter, digital ticket printer, 9 ft. × 12 in. mix auger with Nyhard blades, power auger lift & swing, 8 ft. extendable manual chutes, pump chute, high and low flow admix systems with stainless steel tank on high flow, hydraulic cooler fan, 4-section hydraulic pump, material feed flow control and tachometer, PTO (automatic transmission for roll and pour) with governor control, 2 switch remote, Z Class computer system, powder dispenser includes tachometer, (3) spot lights, unit painting (white), unit mounting on chassis (see below), yield box, testing and (2) days operator training at customer location.


ManufacturerZimmerman Industries, Inc.
Stock Number00332
Yards4,977 yards through mixer