$19,800 Each

2' x 3' Catch Basin Precast Concrete Form

Northwest USA

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2' x 3' Catch Basin Form Pouring Instructions:

1) Unlock 4 Latches

2) Wing out 4 outside jackets

3) Hook up forklift or crane to upside down Box (hooks coming out of top of concrete) and lift 1" off ground

4) Insert Bottle Jack between Floating Pallet and Base of Form and jack up slightly until Form slips off of concrete

5) Pull concrete product off of form

6) Clean and spray Form

7) Install wire mesh or rebar

8) Install lift pin inserts in form

9) Wing up 4 outside jackets and lock latches

10) Pour concrete and install Handles in Floor for stripping purposes.

***Total Strip and Setup time: 10-15 minutes for 1 person***


Model2' x 3' Catch Basin Precast Concrete Form
Stock Number00217
Form Dimensions2' x 3' Tapered Core
Box Open Top ID25" x 37"
Bottom Box Floor ID23" x 35"
Wall Thickness6" with Thin-Wall Knockouts
PalletFlush/Flat Floating Pallet
Product Core ReleaseHydraulic Jack