R&S Anti-Overfill System

System comes with 4″ or 5″ pinch valve that connects to existing air loader fill pipe and to high level bin indicator. Alarm box, The warning horn and light will alert operator before cutting off the flow of material to the silo.

(also includes all bolts, flanges, and solenoid valves).

R&S Anti-Overfill Assembly Includes the following:

(1 each) 4″ or 5″ R&S Pinch Valve Assembly

(2 each) Slip-on/Weld Flanges

(16 pcs) 5/8′ x 2-1/2″ GR8 complete bolt assemblies (bolt, flat washer, lock washer, hex nut)

(1 pc) Standard anti-0verfill Alarm Box with strobe light and horn assembly

(1 pc) Parker 1/4″ miniature regulator with 1/4″ NMPT x 3/8″ hose air fitting and 1/4″ pipe nipple

(1 pc) Parker 1/4″ Port 120VAC Solenoid Valve

(2 pcs) 1/4″ Air Mufflers

(1 pc) 1/4″ NMPT x 3/8″ hose 90 elbow quick connect air fitting

(1 pc) 1/4″NMPT x 3/8″ hose STR quick connect air fitting

(1 pc) 1/4″ NMPT Pipe Plug — pre-installed

(1 pc) Parker 6ft Din Cable/Solenoid connector

***Optional Single Phase/Solon Pressure switch***

R&S 4″ Anti-Overfill System Price: $1,593.00 USD

R&S 5″ Anti-Overfill System Price: $1,699.00 USD

 5″ Anti-Overfill pinch valve with flange and bolt kit

Anti-overfill pinch valves are available in 4″ and 5″

(flange and bolt kit sold separately)

Alarm box for anti-overfill system

Alarm light indicates overfill

Dual light alarm box for anti-overfill system

Yellow light indicates overpressure and red light indicates overfill

Anti-overfill Air Reserve System

Aluminum air reserve Tank allows the R&S anti-overflow system to operate after air compressor is shut down, includes 1.1 cubic foot cylinder, check valve, and fittings