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2022 Giraffe Concrete Mix Transporter

South Florida

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General Description:

This concrete distributor is an efficient and flexible solution for the transport of concrete from the batching plants to the mould/form, thanks to its versatility and maneuverability. It's main features are:

  • Structural strength allowing moving around in difficult terrains.
  • Diesel engine power with hydraulic servomechanism.
  • Ability to transport concrete avoiding aggregates segregation.
  • Ideal for wet mix, dry mix and self-compacting concrete (SCC).
  • Controlled distribution and discharge to ensure the right quantity at the desired point.
  • Requires minimum space for turning so can operate in reduced space.
  • Only requires one operator to control every movement.
  • Minimum maintenance


  • Guillotine valve with hydraulic accessories for self-compacting concrete.
  • Screw conveyor top cover for SCC.
  • Pouring Extender
  • Complete driver cabin.
  • Hopper extension to 5.23yd3
  • Rear view camera with control screen.


  1. See pdf drawings below for dimensions.


ModelGiraffe 120
Stock Number00205
Net WeightApprox. 9,000 kg (19,800 lbs)
Max translation speed11 km/hour
Max inclination pending5%
Rotation360 Deg. or 180 Deg. (Version S)
Hopper capacity3.92 yd3 or 5.23 yd3
Diesel Engine Power95 HP/70 KW, Perkins (UK made with worldwide service)
AcceleratorConventional, Standard
Flushing SystemDripless system
Discharge speedDepending on type of concrete, 1.96 yd3 per minute
Traction2 Wheel