$73,500 (USD)

2019 Troxell Viking Cement Pig/Guppy

Southeast USA




  1. Recently Pressure and Flow tested.
  2. Recently replaced: Valves, Flow Pads and Gaskets
  3. Complete transportation package maintenance performed: New Axle Hubs, Seals, Bearing, etc.
  4. Ready-to-work condition.
  5. Available to ship immediately.


ModelViking Cement Pig/Guppy
Stock Number00079
Capacity4000 cu.ft.
GVWR25,000 LB
GAWR20,000 LB
Construction3/16" thick hot rolled steel
DesignFor pneumatic handling of high density flowable powders
Operating Pressure15 PSIG
Mahnoles1 20" full opening cast aluminum
Hoppers(6) six 45 degree hoppers
Pressure Control Valve4" Butterfly valve located streetside to regulate air flow to discharge line
Blow Down Valve4" steel line located at rear head with 4" butterfly valve operable from ground
Product Valve6" butterfly valve at each hopper operated at streetside
Discharge LineSchedule 40 Steel 5" tee and tubing connected with 5" victaulic couplings
Pressure GaugesTwo 4" dial, 0-30# range mounted streetside at #4 hopper
AerationEach hopper fitted with a 30” cotton aeration pad. Each hopper equipped with a 2” inlet line and individual 2” aeration bronze ball control valve
Fill LinesTwo (2) 4" Schedule 40 steel , one at rear curbside and one at front curbside, with 4" adapter and cap
Vent LineOne (1) at rear streetside, 4" schedule 40 steel with 4" butterfly
Pressure ReliefOne tank mounted pressure relief valve at manhole collar set at 15 PSIG.
Support Legs10 screw jacks with 30” x 30” reinforced pads. Level load rating, with equal torque on screws and sound level footing is 500,000 lb. rating.
SuspensionHutch H-9700 single axle with flange mount hangers and three leaf springs.